Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PBS TV November Special, The Creek Runs Red

The Creek Runs Red on Independent Lens, Nov. 20

"It gets in your blood," says a resident of Picher, Oklahoma about his sense of hometown pride. His words, however, take on a powerful irony in this documentary about the toxic legacy of Picher's lead mining industry.

Since their town was declared a Superfund site in 1981, Picher's residents have been forced to choose between preserving their image of the American dream and preserving their health. The Creek Runs Red carries us into the heart of this sharply divided community to reveal with extraordinary intimacy and insight the full human tragedy of environmental catastrophe.

Co-produced and directed by Julianna Brannum (Comanche), Bradley Peesley, and James Payne, in association with KERA-TV. Check local listings.

Co-presented by NAPT and ITVS

The Creek Runs Red Website:

Look for a Producer Profile on Julianna Brannum in October.

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