Wednesday, November 7, 2007

High Speed InterNet .... Hot Dog!

Ok so the tide was not going out! But I was right the Pacific Ocean water is still Ice Cold!


Activate, Action , Cut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, wise guys AT&T and I still don't have high speed!

First they cut into our Well Water pipes and said another six months of the same, so save water to use!

Then we get news via phone it is ready to go and I would be activated Monday November 5th 2007 by 8:00PM.

So Monday 5th. comes and I am on line that morning when my phone line goes dead!

At noon a UPS truck hides behind my Big Scotch Pine tree trying to be out of sight? They do the sticker on door and run game here a lot!

I hurry for the door on my crutches, deep in pain, when I see the guy with a package in his hand heading in my direction. There was one knock, I open the door and low and behold he is already back in his truck! I yell in my full throaty voice 'Hey! ..... UPS!' He yells back 'YO, do you see your package?' now he is out of his truck and peaking around the Pine tree but not moving any closer! Remember I am Ann the Robot and they fear me. As they read Buffalohair at NativeVue! 'Need help?' when he sees my crutches, by then I see the tiny package, that looked bigger at a distance. He escapes with his truck in a hurry, as I bend over to pick up the package.

It is from AT&T a High Speed modem and adapters for phone outlets. I find my computer is too old so I can not connect it up! So it will have to be for my sons newer computers! But the phone line on modem they give is too short and can not reach his bedroom from living room plug-in! LOL

And still no phone dial tone! I keep saying to myself, 'Oh just a few more minutes! Any time now!'

What the heck happened?

Wednesday the phone rings! I jump out of my skin! As it seems like years in hearing it ring.

When they activated?

They cut my phone lines!!!!!!!

I was not  even connected to HighSpeed after the phone was working! LOL Oppssssss they forgot to hook up that wire!

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